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20-40' Extendable Chassis Frame 2023
Groups of 5 $25,500 each
Model: Chassis 20-40
Atro 20-40' Extendable Chassis Frame 2023
-This chassis is designed for transporting one ISO 20' or one ISO 40' containers.
Overall length: 29' -11" retracted or 40'-11" extended
Overall width:96"
King pin Location: 24" (From rear face of front bolster)
Landing gear location: 100" (From centerline of kingpin)
Tandem location :54" (from rear face of rear bolster)
Steel structure &components
Front main beam: Fabricated I-beam with high strength Grade 100 steel flanges.
Cross member: Fabricated 3/16" thick channel with profiled bar type diagonal brace.
Upper coupler: 5/16" pick up plate with JOST 2" diameter square type king pin per SAE standard, 380-420 HB, with 2" water drain holes, design to be integrated with main frame through welding.
Front bolster: 8" wide x 10" high x 1/4" thick open section, with 3-1/2" chamfer in full length for gathering container in operation. 7-way receptacle and glad hands are located in the center of front bolster. Casted corner caps (TOCA 905-940-000-RS/CS).
Front locking pin: TOCA 905-910-000-LH/RH
Center bolster: Fabricated beam
Center twist lock: TOCA 905-158-000
Rear bolster: 8" wide x 3/8" thick top plate with 7" wide x 6-5/8" deep x 1/4" thick "U" type bottom channel.
Rear twist lock: TOCA 905-123-000-90-LH/RH
Rear bumper: 4" x 4" square tube step with taper "H" section vertical member.
Extension beam: Fabricated I-beam with high strength Grade 100 steel flanges.
Rear main beam: W12@19lb/ft hot-rolled H-beam, ASTM A572 Grade 50 or equivalent.
Locking system: Air operated locking pins, Activated by 24/24 spring brakes (None)
Other Components
Axles: (2) ANX 5" round whit 25,000 lb. capacity; 71.5 track
Suspension: AXN Mechanical tandem with 3 leaf spring
Wheels: 22.5 x 8.25 (steel)
Tires: 11R22.5 (Triangle)
Landing Gear: AXN with 62,500 lb. capacity, 2-speed 19" travel with Low profile sand shoes with solid axle 5. Electrical
Harness: Phillips mold seal wiring, led lights, Meets DOT and SAE Standards.
Jones Blair, with sandblasted and undercoat (Black Color)

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