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Transportation Trailers Connect Us All

At the TTTruckstop with Greg

Transportation Trailers Connect Us All

When thinking about the transportation and trucking industries, the trailers required to get commodities to the end users are often the second thing we think about. Maybe that’s because they are always just behind the tractors that are “doing all the work.” Maybe it’s because they don’t come with the same shine or lots of cool gadgets and 25 gauges like tractors. Maybe it’s because there are three times the number of trailers in the marketplace as tractors. Maybe it is because trailer owners, like fleets, do not know where some of their trailers are all the time.

Trailers Propped Up Economy During Pandemic

Let’s think about how important trailers are to the industry and to our lives. After all, it does not matter if we have ample tractors and drivers available if we do not have available trailers. Think about the dry vans and reefer trailers it has taken to keep us supplied with consumer goods and food during the pandemic and how that freight propped up our economy during that time.

Specialty Trailers Get The Job Done

Flatbed Trailers For New Home Construction

Now in 2021, new housing starts are predicted to show double-digit increases. That is creating demand for flatbed trailer capacity to haul lumber, shingles, blocks, and all types of building materials. It is summer and with most of the pandemic behind us the country’s travel and leisure activities are firing up, and for that we need ample tanker trailers to keep gas station and airport tanks filled with gasoline and jet fuel.

Dump Trailer For Infrastructure Improvement

The government is about to pass some manner of major infrastructure legislation. We do not yet know what that will look like. What we do know for sure is the trucking industry will be heavily involved both as benefactors and as transporters of critical components as roads and bridges are repaired and built. Dump trailers will supply loose aggregate like gravel and sand. Drop deck, gooseneck, and lowboy trailers will bring heavy equipment like graders, cranes, and front-loaders.

Custom Specialty Trailers For Every Job

And let us not forget specialty trailers that are custom built for the jobs at hand. Hoppers will bring wheat, corn, and beans from the fields to the processing facilities. Timber trailers bring trees from the forest to the mill. Car haulers bring your new car from the factory to your local dealer. Livestock trailers bring cattle and pigs and chickens from the farm to your table. Of course, there are many more purpose-built models out there which only underscores the importance, utility, versatility, and adaptability of the modern trailer.

Demand For Trailers Persist

Overall freight volume in the US is strong and looks to be for some time. It is a great time to either expand your existing trailer fleets to either add capacity in the market in which you compete for freight or explore new markets and diversify your business. It is also a great time for getting into the trucking business and owning your entire operation including pulling your own trailer.

Used Trailers Are Reliable

Are used trailers reliable? Sure! Remember that trailers run only a portion of the miles tractors do. Trailers sit at shippers and receivers while waiting to be loaded again, and that can be an extended time frame depending on circumstances. Trailer owners tend to keep trailers significantly longer than tractors partially because of this. Like anything else, when considering buying a used trailer make sure to order a thorough mechanical and DOT inspection from a certified third-party inspection company with ASE certified technicians.

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