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Inflation Reduction Act is Just the Beginning of a Many Step Process | Feat. John Gillie

STTTREAM Podcast | Created at Jan 25, 23
CEO and Founder John Gillie weighs in on the Inflation Redution Act with your new STTTREAM host, Billy Fetzner
President Joe Biden recently the Inflation Reduction Bill into Law, but now what? This is the beginning of an interview series with your STTTREAM host, Billy Fetzner and CEO of [TruckTractorTrailer.com](http://TruckTractorTrailer.com) and Green Island EV, John Gillie, as we will dive in-depth into the effect that the Inflation Reduction Act will have upon the Transportation industry. This episode is quick, but John and I touch on some major points of the Act and look ahead into the future, so make sure you don’t miss a single second of this incredible episode. Check out the next episode in the series: YouTube: Coming Soon! or Audio: Coming Soon! Produced by TruckTractorTrailer.com find your next truck here → https://trucktractortrailer.com Invest in the future of transportation that sources talent in the great state of New York: https://greenislandev.com or https://invest.raisegreen.com/offering/Green-Island-EV-Corp/details