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Extended Warranties

Extended Warranties
The Value of an Aftermarket Truck Warranty
Purchasing a used truck is not a decision the buyer goes into lightly. A used truck in good condition, purchased from a reliable seller, will cost you tens of thousands of dollars. For most, that truck will be used for your business, to make a living for you and your family. If your truck goes down, you can’t be off the road long because you’re not earning any money. Your truck is your livelihood. So why risk it?
A used truck warranty protects you from paying thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars, on very expensive repairs when major equipment like engine, pistons, turbos, aftertreatment and transmissions fail. The reality is, it’s a used truck so equipment will fail. It’s just a matter of WHEN, WHERE, WHAT and HOW MUCH WILL IT COST TO FIX. So, protecting your truck, your business, your livelihood with a reliable aftermarket warranty from a company with a long track record and solid reputation is a very good investment. One major failure covered by your warranty can pay for the cost of that warranty, maybe 2x or 3x the warranty’s cost. Simply said, a warranty gives you peace of mind.
Major Components Repair Costs Range
High Risk of Equipment Failure After Factory Warranty Ends
Cost of Repairs for Claims paid

Our Warranty Partner – Premium 2000+

Since 1995, Premium 2000+ has upheld their mission and promise to their customers to offer the industry’s best warranty programs to protect your most important asset – your truck. The Elite warranty is a great example of keeping that promise, offering more components covered and expanded conditions coverage so when your truck breaks down, you’ll have peace of mind that if your failure is covered, we’ll pay to get it repaired. Paying tens of millions of dollars in claims each year and having the highest level of dedicated customer service is the reason more Owner Operators choose Premium 2000+ to protect their truck, their business, year after year.

The Benefits of a Premium 2000+ warranty:

  • You’re buying from a company who’s been in business since 1995
  • More people trust Premium 2000+ than any other warranty
  • Offers a “best in class” warranty program terms and coverages
  • High-quality customer service team that is all about getting you back on the road
  • Bilingual claims and customer service support
  • Access to our Preferred Partner Repair Network nationwide for trusted service and pricing

Value Pack Bundles

  • Engine only
  • Engine and Critical Components
  • Engine and Aftertreatment

Terms and Miles

Terms and Miles
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The best time to plan ahead is before you make a purchase.

As smart buyer, you’ll want to plan ahead. You may be able to work the cost of warranty into your financing. Get prequalified and know your budget before you make an offer.

How It Works

Whether you pre-qualify for TTT financing, bring your own financing, or pay cash:

1. Talk to a team member about warranty options and eligibility.

2. Make an offer on the vehicle.

3. If your offer is accepted, opt for warranty at time of payment. You’ll be connected with at team member to get the process going.

4. Pay through financing, credit card, ACH or wire.