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Financing and Leasing Options

Financing and Leasing Options
ILS Lease Services, Inc.

Since 1986 Innovative Lease Services (ILS) has been a leader in the Commercial Vehicle Industry. Over the years we have helped over 100,000 businesses and have processed Billions in financing requests.

We believe in the power of YES. ILS specializes in custom tailored finance programs to fit the unique needs of each business. No matter your credit or financial situation, ILS is the best choice to can provide your commercial vehicle financing.*

Advantages of Financing or Leasing with ILS
No Down Payment
ILS can finance transactions from $5K to $5 Million. Our contracts have terms from 1 – 6 years to fit your payment needs. We can even structure low down and deferred payments for well qualified buyers.
No Down Payment
All Credit Types Are Welcome
No matter your credit score or prior credit experience we can likely create a financing program that’s right for you.
No Down Payment
Financing Available for Startups
New companies can apply for financing without needing a business credit score or any time in business.
No Down Payment
Fast Application Process
Apply in 5 minutes (or less) and once approved you’ll be ready to purchase any of the assets on the TTT platform.
No Down Payment
Finance New or Used Vehicles
Whether you are looking to purchase or lease a brand-new vehicle or one with a few miles on it, ILS can fund your transaction. And you can drive with confidence knowing our contracts do not have any mileage restrictions or “wear and tear” provisions.
No Down Payment
ILS can structure a finance agreement to allow you to deduct the full cost of a vehicle from this year’s taxes in accordance with Section 179 of the IRS tax code.
No Down Payment
Save Capital
By leasing or financing your vehicle over time, you can keep your business’s cash on hand for emergency situations.
No Down Payment
Like you, we are here for the Long Haul
ILS has seen significant changes to the industry over the years including 3 Recessions and a Pandemic. During the good years we are a trusted source of capital for your business. Throughout the trying times we strive to keep our customers in business and positioned for success.
* All financing products are made pursuant to: CA Finance Lender License #603D039.

The Application Process

Apply online
The application takes only 5 minutes to complete and there is no impact to your personal credit (we use a soft pull).
ILS can provide a decision on your application within minutes.
Bid on the TTT Equipment listings knowing you have financing. Keep in mind that the cost of an extended warranty can also be worked into financing.
Sign & DRIVE
ILS will provide you with clear documentation and pay the seller directly.
It’s that easy!
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