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As Costs Rise, TTT Brings More Value to the Table
Created at Apr 21, 22

As Costs Rise, TTT Brings More Value to the Table

By: Kelly Kinne, Head of Finance Solutions, TruckTractorTrailer.com

Shipping costs - Did anyone see the latest headline?

Amazon recently announced they will be adding a 5% fuel and inflation surcharge for all U.S. third party sellers.  Rising costs are inescable - or are they?

Sellers who use physical auctions pay enormous shipping costs to move their units to the auction itself.  Why bother?  Transact online with TruckTractorTrailer.com, saving time and money.  Once we've sold your units, move them quickly, easily (and at the best rates!) with our partner, Alliance Driveaway.  But TruckTractorTrailer.com is a cost saver in many more ways than just shipping costs. With direct lender partnerships you will save in excessive fees related to finance.  We'll find the best rate for you using our extensive network of finance partners.  It’s no different than walking into your local dealership - minus the sales pressure and terrible coffee. Plus, we take care of inspections, warranty, insurance... we'll even help you find a truck if we don't have one you want in inventory.  It's the #TTTdifference.

Are you a member of OOIDA, WIT, AAOO, IDTA, or another industry organization?  Ask us about benefits exclusive to these organizations.

Yes, people still love the physical auctions, but to keep your pockets deep, come to TTT for the 360 degree experience. #ttt360 

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