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Our Economy Needs More Blue Collar Entrepreneurs

STTTREAM Podcast | Created at Dec 14, 21

ShorTTT: The Freight Coach Chris Jolly and STTTREAM Host Zach Miller dispute the notion that blue collar workers can't be entrepreneurs or extremely successful business people

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Video Transcript

Have you seen an increased interest in people trying to enter this field?

You know i'm gonna be completely honest Zach i think as an industry we need to do a lot better job of getting the message out there because there are you know the blue collar industry is everybody knows are the backbone of our economy everybody knows that nothing is done unless it's start like i get it you know from a white collar perspective the financing and everything comes first but the first brick is laid by the blue collar industry and the last light bulb is installed by the blue collar industry before stuff goes to market and they don't get the attention they deserve. I'm a big sports guy so i always say like this the blue collar industry's the offensive line in football they take a ton of beating get none of the recognition but the people who are out there the decision makers they know who the real uh the real hard workers are in this country. It's like i mean i'm blue collar to the core man at the end of the day everybody i know all the people that i like they're all in the blue collar industry and the thing is is it's like people don't realize how much money you can actually make yes you can be an electrician and be a multi-millionaire.

You know absolutely these are one of the big things is we need to even change the way we refer to them they are not jobs they're careers.

Correct they're entrepreneurs they're business owners they're all.

Exactly and you you build a great lifestyle for yourself for your family you get to have such a level of freedom and another big thing is you're not saddled with debt. 


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