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OOIDA Discusses the AB5 Ruling and the Ramifications for Trucking

STTTREAM Podcast | Created at Jul 19, 22

AB5 is now set to go into effect in the California trucking sector. On June 30, the US Supreme Court denied review of the appeal that represented the California Trucking Association’s last-ditch effort to keep the independent contractor law away from its operations. At the heart of AB5 is the ABC test, and further, the B prong of ABC. That B test defines an independent contractor as a worker who is engaged in “work that is outside the usual course of the hiring entity’s business.” A trucking company hiring an independent owner operator to move freight would presumably fail that test in any litigation. https://newyorktruckstop.com/2022/07/05/supreme-court-rejects-california-trucking-associations-appeal/ OOIDA sent the below letter in response: https://votervoice.s3.amazonaws.com/groups/ooida/attachments/OOIDA%20-%20Letter%20to%20Gov%20Newsom%20re%20AB5%20Enforcement.pdf

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